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. diane? >> thank you, terry. >>> as you said, secretary of state john kerry was on the ground in ukraine today. and abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, is traveling with him and joining us right now. so, martha, give it to us straight. is the united states closer to conflict with russia tonight or not? >> reporter: vladimir putin, the bully, vladimir putin, may already have gotten what he wants, crimea. so, it's very possible he won't push any further. this is the way that man negotiates. he is a bully. he is hammer-handed. this is how he operates. >> but there's going to be meetings. they are negotiating? >> reporter: there are negotiations going on. tomorrow, secretary kerry will be meeting with the russian foreign minister here in paris. secretary kerry really wants to get this settled as soon as possible. >> at the end of the day, can the united states let russia keep crimea this way? >> reporter: a simple answer to that is, is europe going to go to war over crimea? the united states certainly won't. so, that may well happen. >> all right. martha raddatz, as we
drill. thousands of troops on near ukrai ukraine's border. united states warned the russians to avoid provocation. >> this is a time for very cool wise leadership. on the russian side on everybody's side. >> ukraine now a country of sides. on the verge of falling apart. west leaning towards europe and u.s., each towards rush why and putin. nowhere stronger than on ukraine's peninsula. where dozens of gunman stormed the parliament building raising the russian flag. a large loud crowd gathered outside in support. the russian fervor in this crowd could not be higher. chan chants of russia, chant of putin. everyone is calling everyone else in the crowd comrades. russia is in ukraine with a naval fleet and almost 0,000 troops on base but one man who is not is impeached former presidentian co-vich. he surfaced asking moscow to keep him safe, vowing to fight until the end. united states trying to make sure russia and ukraine don't do the same. >> veterans groups angry about a battle over their benefits on the hill. 21 million was earmarked for them. gop lay makers say they want to help veter
. >>> and then secretary of state john kerry heading to ukraine after more of putin's army moves in on crimea. at what point is russia's military intimidation an official declaration of war? this is "way too early." >>> hey there, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is monday, march the 3rd, 2014. welcome to "way too early." the show that would have won best new short feature if we had been nominated. we always have next year. >>> we start off with weather. winter showing no signs of slowing down. new jersey in a state of emergency right now as places like atlantic city could get more than a foot of snow today. the federal government in d.c. has closed its offices and congress is closing business for today. this winter system has skewed south sparing much of the northeast. missouri and indiana have already seen heavy snow leaving roads there a mess. as the system moves through parts of the deep south it left behind heavy ice and slick roads causing troubles there. meteorologist bill karins, fill us in. how did it change? >> from friday it was looking like i-70 from indianapolis to new york
and instead keeps those forces in ukraine the united states may opt out at the next g-8 summit scheduled for early june in sochi. but the president's mentions in the briefing room were not enough for the very hawkish republican senator john mccain who suggested on cnn's "situation room" that he didn't go far enough and that putin doesn't respect obama. >> i really believe that when vladimir putin looks around the world, sees what happened in syria when the president -- when the red line turned pink and the president didn't act, our acquiescence to their occupation of georgia, the -- all of the actions that have to do and indicate a decline of the united states of america, i think he's emboldened and he's acting. >> now, other high profile republican lawmakers have stopped short of criticizing the president, but they've made clear they would like the united states to stand strong against russia, and in support of ukraine. christi and victor? >> all right, erin mcpike in washington for us. thank you, erin. >> all right, back here in the u.s., california is very much in need of rain. we've
the russian speaking people are protected under ukraine's new government. secretary of state john kerry didn't hold back on russia's move in a string of tv appearances. >> it's an incredible act of aggression. it's a stunning willful choice by president putin to invade another country. it's a 19th-century act in the 21st century. >> reporter: russia's action comes after ukraine's president was ousted last week after a reject in a deal with the european union meaning closer ties to the u.s. and away from russia. secretary kerry said ten other nations along with u.s. are prepared to sanction russia, to go to the hilt to isolate it economically. now the administration cancelled trade talks with russia and has backed out of meetings leading to the g-8 in sochi in june. so for all the work and warnings coming from the u.s. it appears that possibly germany has found that off-ramp to russia's force. in a statement saying president vladimir putin has accepted germany's proposal to form a contact group of fact finding mission and a dialogue on ukraine. that said it's being reported that chancellor an
you that according to the budapest memorandum on security assurances, between ukraine and other states, my country has gotten rid of its nuclear arsenal to russia in this in view of a dutch in using metaphors. in this regard, it is underlying. it is undermining the regime general. it is was in the ukraine. reportedly wary, rocks and mentally 60,000 russian troops have been deployed in crimea by the helicopter tours, cargo airplanes in the neighboring territory from the russian federation yuri u russian heat taking the extent to block and control crucial governmental and military objects in crimea. the means of communications, military bases, headquarters of this in crimea. all roads are blocked. this clearly indicates russia's cooperation with a possible military intervention in the ukraine. ukrainian armed forces have exercised restraint and are freed from resistance. activeained from resistance. although they are in full operational areas. this is performing the operations in the outermost part of crimea as well as other divisions. they are aimed at discrediting legitimate authoritie
in kiev we respect and honor the territorial integrity of ukraine. as a participating state in the final act of the conference for security and cooperation in europe in 1975, russia committed to respect the sovereign equal and individuality of other participating states. mr. president, it is clear that in many respects, russia has violated the very agreements it signed. it has shown an act of aggression in a sovereign nation of ukraine. now i will concede the situation is complicateed because of the basic agreement between russia and ukraine when it comes to that critical piece of real estate in the black sea, but it still does not warrant the efforts that have been made by putin to destabilize an effort toward peaceful government. mr. putin has argued that the change in government in kiev was just the mob in the street. nothing could be further from the truth. it occurred through its parliament and through its constitution and with the promise of an open and free election on may 25. it's up to us in the west and all countries that believe ukraine deserves our assistance and support to m
to bring about a new ukraine. he says if we don't do it, who will? who will change the ukrainian state? he respects europe and the u.s. but ukrainians have to establish order themselves. the time has come, he says. we've waited long enough for political change. the country has been continually pushed in the wrong direction since independence. the next morning, in his old town at first glance the city's historic center has changed little from my previous visits. but the recent upheavel in the country has left deep scars. just a few streets from the city hall i find candles, flowers, and a wall of photographs. people here told me these men were heroes who gave their lives for a free ukraine. they were shot during the anti-government protesting in kiev. >> this woman says she hopes ukraine will become the kind of country that these young men dreamed of. she says her generation built a country ruled by communists and olgogs. that didn't help anyone. this man says their deaths should never be forgotten. ukraine has to solve its economic crisis and see to it that the ruling class is completely r
. >> jennifer glass is with us from southern ukraine. secretary of state john kerry also says it would be a grave mistake for russia to embark on any kind of military intervention in ukraine. earlier today russian president vladimir putin ordered an urgent drill to test the readiness of forces in russia including the boarders of ukraine. >> we know that vladimir putin had a meeting with his security council on tuesday, in which ukraine was certainly discussed. we know on wednesday two of russia's four military districts were put on high alert. there is nothing that links this alert with what is going on in ukraine. the military analysts we've been speaking to here said this kind of military alert is not uncommon. it's been done six times since february of last year. it's something that the defense minister likes doing to put the military through its paces and basically exposes any flaws in the system and allows the ministry to become more efficient. at least, that's the thinking behind it. having said there is no connection between this military alert and what's going on in ukraine, i
the then secretary of state john kerry born in russia dmitry operations in ukraine ukraine's list. and just to update you some news coming in on the news wires to its relation to the deposed president viktor yanukovich he has insisted that he still considers himself the president of ukraine and he's also asked russia to guarantee his personal safety from actions of extremists the tree and a . ukraine's parliament is convening a kid to approve a new pro western government as the country faces its second major crisis one of the imminent bankruptcy. the new cabinets with intent before the crash of twenty five hasn't the media independence square late on wednesday. the core message was clear it's going to be a hard road ahead for ukraine to bring instances reports the singing the national anthem mountains camping see its independence plan i need is on the night and council tip to them like painting it and announce the date chosen as many states to the interim governments. this latest documents will have to postpone the decision. these will be that this is a traditional ukrainian economy this is the reaso
has accomplished that. he has sent a message to the united states and the ukraine that he is still this major. >> major developments happening quickly. just in the last hour. russian forces taking full control of cry crimea we have word of secretary of state traveling to the area on tuesday. and the german chancellor has spoken to putin. president putin accepting that suggestion. and things moving rapidly. and we'll have the latest coming up after this break. i can download anything i want. [ girl ] seriously? that's a lot of music. seriously. that's insane. and it's 15 bucks a month for the family. seriously? that's a lot of gold rope. seriously, that's a signature look. you don't have a signature look, honey. ♪ that's a signature look. [ male announcer ] only at&t brings you beats music. unlimited downloads for up to 5 accounts and 10 devices all for $14.99 a month. ♪ >>> breaking news by the minute. new developments by the minute. russian forces now control the peninsula. in a situation with few good options for the u.s. i spoke last hour to former ambassador. i asked genera
support. >> let's keep in mind, there is a u.s.-ukraine treaty. the united states does have some defensive agreements with the ukraine. i don't think -- i think crimea is lost. i don't think they're ever going to pull out of there. i doubt very sincerely they're going to try to go further than that. >> why? two years ago, he went into georgia and he never left those two parts of georgia. now he's in crimea. why do you think he would stop? >> he took a very small percentage of georgia, and they said he was going to take over the rest of georgia. >> can we invade anywhere? just saying -- >> your house. >> what about defense? should we be rethinking the fact we're gutting defense? we're cutting 10% of troops. >> very bad timing for the obama administration to announce a drawdown of the military two days before this -- >> you think it's a coincidence? that's the message we send? >> a very bad, bad message. >> i don't think they think that far ahead. >> the american people are the last group that are going to put troops on the ground in europe. >> the only person recommending that is someone fr
member states of the united nations to demonstrate solidarity with the ukraine to protect the very basic principals of the united nations currently brutally violated by a permanent state, a prominent member of the security council. thank you, madam president. thank you for your attention. >> i thank the representative from ukraine for his statement and i now give the floor to members of the security council. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, madam president. first of all, i would like to thank my -- i would like to express my sympathy to you. under your presidency in just the two hours we wasted on discussing the format for this meeting, and we agreed that in an open format only three people would speak. mr. ellerson, my ukrainian colleague and the russian federation. as i understand, some of the colleagues of the security council already intend to break with this, but what can you do? there is a game without rules. i would like to thank him for his briefing and support the idea he ended on, the yad that -- the idea in this situation cooler h
to the budapest memorandum on security andrances, between ukraine other states, my country has gotten rid of its nuclear this into russia in view of a dutch in using metaphors. regard, it is underlying. it is undermining the regime general. was in the ukraine. rocks and wary, mentally 60,000 russian troops have been deployed in crimea by the helicopter tours, cargo airplanes in the neighboring territory from the russian federation yuri u russian heat taking the extent to block and control crucial governmental and military objects in crimea. communications, military bases, headquarters of this in crimea. all roads are blocked. this clearly indicates russia's cooperation with a possible military intervention in the ukraine. ukrainian armed forces have exercised restraint and are freed from resistance. although they are in full operational areas. this is performing the operations in the outermost part well as other divisions. they are aimed at discrediting legitimate authorities of ukraine and republican opinion by calling this into peacekeeping operations. the administer -- the minister ,f interio
against ukraine. then there is the model provided in the united states which requires sanctions on -- gross human rights violations at home, and we should be speaking to our european allies that they, too, should adopt similar legislation imposing sanctions both toward this particular act of aggression and more broadly the state of human rights violations that characterizes the russian federation today. third, in our congress should look to consider if there's a bill that would take the act sanctions for human rights violations and make them applicable not just to the individuals in the russian federation, but globally. and whenever we are looking at the types of countries that both abuse their populations at home and threaten their neighbors, these things are, and this is a solution which applies from countries, iran and china broadly, but once again as legislation sitting in congress deserves to be considered. the second audience, our allies, our partners, the people's look to the united states traditionally for leadership. vasser eric edelman who serves on the board of direct
, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." ,eporting from washington ukraine's new government accuses russia of mounting a military invasion and occupation. president obama says he is deeply concerned. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any military intervention. delays a loanank for uganda, following the passage of an anti-gay. officials in uganda collett lacked male. and hollywood's biggest night is almost here. soon we will know which stars will be going home with an oscar. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. tonight, tensions are running high in ukraine. the interim government accuses russia of an armed invasion and occupation after unidentified gunmen began patrolling airports in the region of crimea, but the majority of the population is ethnically russian. responding to the report, president obama warned there will be costs for any military intervention in the ukraine. he spoke at the white house a short time ago. >> any violation of ukraine's sove
of that state. >> secretary of state john kerry was in ukraine's capital city of kiev today where he announced the united states is offering ukraine an assistance package that includes a $1 billion loan to help with recovery and its upcoming elections. john kerry continued to be the administration's tough talker about the russian government. >> the contrast really could not be clearer. determined ukrainians demonstrating strength through unity, and the russian government out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation and provocations. in the hearts of ukrainians and the eyes of the world, there is nothing strong about what russia is doing. if russia does not choose to deescalate, if it is not willing to work directly with the government of ukraine as we hope they will be, then our farners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. i would emphasize to the leaders of russia, this is not something we are seeking to do. this is something russi
. "i was compelled to leave ukraine because of direct next to my life." russia and the united states are looking past viktor yanukovych as they battle to shape the direction of a new ukraine. home, a normal day at school turned into a surprise award ceremony for one local teacher. year'seived this educator award as she teaches geo systems courses, and the award is given to educators to promote excellence and innovation in public education. >> i never thought i was going to be a teacher. i've never been happier in my life. i've never worked harder in my life, and i have never been happier. i just cannot believe it. it's amazing. >> she also received a cash .rize these awards are known as the oscars of teaching. congratulations to her. sticking of the oscars, they are this sunday. the final preparations are different as organizers prepare for the possibility of heavy rain. >> biggest star on hollywood boulevard right now -- the red carpet rolled out being groomed for finishing touches. >> it takes about an hundred 50 man-hours to put it out, and it the beginning of the week, and they u
crimeaans who welcome them, ukraine is in a state of heighten d anxiety. whether the vote was for show, there's real ramifications on the ground, and it could be a slippery slope. these situations can get away from anybody, even somebody as adept at controlling powers like vladimir putin is. >> i want to get your thoughts on that. there is a concern that the government in ukraine is alienating people close to russia within the country. is there a lot of credibility and sympathy within ukraine to that? >> yes, the old guard always takes advantage of any slip-ups that the new guard makes, whether in ukraine or other countries that have gone through revolutions. what happened here is that the new government repealed a law allowing russian language to be the second official language. if ipp feweriated many -- infuriate many that look towards them for political guidance and help. people in kiev and the western part of the ukraine are looking to the west. there's is sense that they may have stepped too far. they have made the step. it's too late to step back from that. they are focussed on c
of economic package because ukraine is teetering on the edge of default, and the united states, the e.u., and the imf are working together to come up with a package, maybe as high as $15 billion. that's what the russians initially offered to president jankovich. that's what the protests began and toppled him. the second conversation, which i'm guessing is taking place as we speak, is one about a response to what has occurred. president obama said yesterday there will be costs, and it looked like russia is throwing down the gauntlet, is using military force, wants to try to separate crimea to stir up trouble, and so the u.s. and the e.u. will be talking about what can we do to say to russia that this is unacceptable? >> what are the u.s. options? what does president obama have? >> well, i would say there are three arrows in the quiver. the first kind of response would be diplomatic, and that would be to say we're going to perhaps withdraw ambassadors from europe and the united states, those that are in moscow. it could involve a cancellation of the g-8 summit, which is scheduled in soc
the united states of meddling in the ukraine's affairs. the u.s. is saying do not meddle. does the white house have a response? >> we have make clear that he lost legitimacy and advocated his responsibilities. he fled the capital of the country in an orderly fashion. he packed his belongings and left. also important to note that the ukrainian parliament acting responsibly to fill that vacuum elected a new government after mr. got a code which -- yanukovych fled the scene. security forces under his control used snipers in downtown kiev to kill dozens of ukrainians. i think that goes to the loss legitimacy. he packed up his belongings until this recent of conference review for not known. contains parliament members of parties that take withn with votes substantial majorities including votes to stabilize the situation in ukraine and move forward with a plan to have plan to have early elections. and is all appropriate fluid. briefing earlier today. the un security council met a short time ago to discuss the situation in ukraine. the meeting came hours after ukraine said russian troops took u
in ukraine deepen as the u.s. warns russia not to try to split the country. >> united states will stand with the international community and there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> russian troops move into crimea as the interim government accuses the kremlin of an invasion. what happens now? we'll have a live report. and the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, joins us with the latest. only on "fox news sunday". >>> then a new investigation into irs targeting of conservative groups. we'll talk with house oversight committee chair darrell issa. he's calling back former irs official lois lerner who has refused to testify. a "fox news sunday" exclusive. and president obama prepares to unveil his new budget with defense cuts and no entitlement reforms. >> it makes no effort to address the drivers of our debt and deficit. >> we'll sit down with leaders of the congressional budget the committee, senator rob portman and congressman chris van hollen. plus arizona governor jan brewer vetoes a bill that would protect religious freedom over gay rights.
of state john kerry has arrived in the ukraine capitol. he laid a flower loo-- floral wreath. we will be live from washington, d.c. in just a moment. but first tim, kerry has arrived in kiev and paid tribute to those who died in kiev. no doubt this is to show washington's support of a new government in kiev? all right. we seem to be having some technical problems right there now. we will try to get back to tim in moscow, and try to get the latest from john kerry's visit to kiev. let's go to washington, d.c. kerry comes bearing a gift of a $1 billion loan. any strings attached ? >> there are also strings attached. but this is a billion dollars loan guarantee contingent on congressional approval. there is a certain amount of support for such a measure in congress. but the president needs to pass that through congress. it is meant to cushion the fuel subsidies in ukraine. as far as their strings are attached to any money given to ukraine. they will ask for the end of the social safety net for those who are the poorest. and u.s. officials also quite sanguine that this could end up in
this new quasi-state in crimea, claim its state then it may be harder for ukraine to become a member of nato. these may be strategic actions that putin is trying. >> i think what president putin -- president obama has done today was a very strong statement. an unscheduled press conference, that is quite unusual. chancellor angela merkel in germany has been very forceful as well, the ukrainian government should not do what the georgian government did in 2008, by responding with some force of its own. russia would like to have that so there wouldn't be black and white. right now it's black and white, it's russian aggression, even low level congregation aggressil aggression. >> accused putin of empire building, it's certainly getting ugly on the rhetoric side, it's a pleasure having you both on the show and look forward to having you back. >> thank you. >> turning from ukraine to brutal atrocities in the world's youngest country south sudan. what's going on there is horrific, in the town of malakol, in the oil rich north. find no words to describe the brutalities in malakol. war crimes
it all tonight on "washington week." >> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply disabling which would not be in the interest of ukraine, russia or europe. >> we believe that everybody needs to step back and avoid any provocation. >> the secretary of state means russia. as tensions escalate in ukraine. the standoff is looking more . ld war arizona looks at the debates whether one group can violate the other's. in washington, congressional brain drain after one serving member after another opts out. >> i have found great disappointment in this country. gwen: and at the white house, the president reaches out to the private sector to address public ill. >> i see myself in these young men. and the only difference is that i grew up in an environment that is a little bit more forgiving. gwen: launching a new effort to help young men and boys of color. covering the week pete williams of nbc news. ed o'keefe of "the washington post." and michael sheerer of "time" magazine. >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live from o
to ukraine prompted this stern warning from secretary of state john kerry in his interview with us. also a not so friendly caution from kerry to putin about how quickly these kinds of uprisings can catch fire. >> i think the rapidity with which it has moved should frankly be a message to russia. and mr. putin should listen carefully to ukrainians who have voiced their desire for change. so we're hoping that russian -- russia will not see this as sort of a continuation of the cold war, we don't see it that way. we do not believe this should be an east/west, russia/united states. this is not rocky iv, believe me. >> the russian prime minister today said that the opposition and the rebellion in ukraine are extremists. >> we are not looking for confrontation. but we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here, the sovereignty of ukraine, russia has said it will do that and we think it's important that russia keeps its word. >> and then there is this, kerry has told me that now russia has increased its weapons to assad's regime in syria, despite the ho
,000 troops there. >> this as secretary of state john kerry prepares to travel to the ukraine with all options on the table when it comes to a u.s. response. doug luzader is has more. >> we have seen a number of people. you mentioned 6,000. they have knocked that down. secretary of state john kerry will head to ukraine tonight. >> that is not the act of somebody who is strong. that's the act of somebody who is acting out of weakness and out of a certain kind of desperation. we hope russia will turn this around. they can. >> russia clah many consider ths to be russian. the u.s. influence has become very limited and economic sanctions and political pressure they have little impact. >> not even a little bit. if any of that had gotten their tanks he wouldn't have been there in the first place. heather and ainsley. >>> thank you very much. doug luzader we will keep an eye on it. >>> here we go again. as you were saying get those shovels ready. the east coast getting hit with another winter storm. snow already falling in some places right now. already this morning 2,000 flights all across the u.s. t
peninsula, which is part of the ukraine? secretary of state john kerry calls it an invasion and ukraine has mobilized its army now. it is our top issue this morning. president obama spoking with president putin of russia on saturday after warning there will be costs should russia intervene. i'm joined this morning by the secretary of state john kerry, and exclusively by republican senator marco rubio of fl
takes center stage today surround russia's invasion of ukraine. secretary of state john kerry will meet with his russian counterpart this morning in paris. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russia and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. >> reporter: last night president obama talked about a possible resolution with german chancellor angela merkel. the proposal would allow russian troops to stay in crimea but on their bases in the region. and international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. russian president vladimir putin calls the invasion a humanitarian mission to protect those russians living in ukraine. he also said he would use force if needed. but while politicians talk, russian soldiers are digging in. >> once they are there, there is not a reason judging by what putin has done in the past to think they are going to leave. >> reporter: the u.s. is considering economic sanctions against russia. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> putin said economic sanctions would not make a difference. >>> it is 4:42.
with the latest detail from the ukraine. reaction from marco rubio and secretary of state john kerry on the sunday morning talk shows today. here is what they had to say. >> if you are asking whether the u.s. should be taking military strikes against russian troops in the u.k. or -- in the ukraine or crimea, i don't think anyone is advocating for that. our nato alliance needs to be reinvigorated. it's an important alliance. the ukraine and poland are part of that alliance and we need to provide assurance of the importance of this alliance and i think we should revisit the missile defense shield we talked about so often. beyond that, as part of strengthening and stabilizing the government in kiev so they can transition to stability down the road, part of that should be strengthening their defense capabilities. athink the threat is long-term one they are facing. >> let me make it clear -- resident putin is not operating from a place of strength here. janik overage was his supported president. was out despite his support. president putin is using force in a completely inappropriate invite the would o
and substantial in terms of the number of weapons that ukraine held at that time. the secretary of state has been cleared about the obligations placed on russia. what obligations are placed on us as a signature? >> our obligations are to support as we do the independence and territorial integrity of ukraine. it doesn't placed on us an obligation to take armed action about that. it provides in article six of the memorandum for consultation between the signatories. that is what we and the united states are proposing for tomorrow. secretary kerry and i and the acting foreign minister of ukraine will be in paris tomorrow. there is an opportunity for us to have consultations under the budapest memorandum. that is the technical answer. that is what it provides for. further to the point of the secretary's comments, the u.k. andived a limited supply exposure to consequences for the rest of europe. what do you do about ensuring the security of the supplies so does not end up limiting our ability to take actions against russians? with the gentleman is raising is very important but it is more of a medium to
the troops are local self defense you wants opposed to last week's jousting of ukraine's popularly elected president. diplomats from europe, the united states and russia have met separately in paris today to try to defuse the worst crisis on the continent since the cold war. the key sticking point is russia's refusal to recognize the new interim government in ukraine which seized power after months of sometimes violent protests in kiev and other cities. in the meantime the west has firmly thrown its support behind the new ukrainian government. the european union announced an aid package of $15 billion to ukraine. that is designed to make up for a russian package of about the same amount that had been forthcoming until the events of last week. now that announcement comes a day after secretary of state john kerry promised $1 billion in loan guarantees from the united states to try to offset the loss discounts on natural gas that ukraine has been getting from russia until this all happened. now all of this underlines the deep economic mess that ukraine is in. the new interim government said i
don't think russia wants instability on its border in ukraine any more than the united states or european union. there's common interest to stabilize the situation in ukraine. that means this new government has to be committed to unt, reconciling different factions in the country and they have to be committed to freedom and democracy. i hope they are. >> it's interesting because you have a lot of experience having traveled to ukraine on many occasions. but my question to you is if putin was on the same page as the united states, why would he put these troops there? >> there's been some discussion that this is a regularly scheduled exercise. i do not know if that is true or not. i think putin is probably trying to signal to the new government in ukraine, don't mess around with cremia. it's trying to be tough, new guy in the neighborhood. >> why should people here came? >> they should care. number one it's a large country ge grarvegly, the size of france, 150 million people. it was called the breadbasket of the soviet union. someone far smarter than i observed russia without ukr
an arrest warrant issued for him in ukraine, russian state media saying that russia has accepted his request for security. but this is something else that john kerry referred to today. he said that vice president biden has tried to reach him for over the last 12, 24 hours repeatedly. those calls have gone unanswered. and biden was speaking to him pretty regularly before then. so he is out there as far as american officials are concerned. >> jim sciutto, thanks very much. >>> up next was is racist or just a roast? tonight some outrage over comments made by an arizona lawmaker during a roast of sheriff joe arpaio. hear and decide for yourself. >>> also ahead tonight, take a look. >> we cannot breathe back here. go. >> chaos and panic onboard a delta flight after the cabin started to fill with smoke. how passengers got out and exactly what happened coming up. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in
airports in crimea and southern ukraine and also a state-run tv station. this, as the ousted president, viktor yanukovych, came forward today vowing not to step down. let's bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta. jim, what are we expecting the president to say here? >> i think the president is going to back up secretary john kerry and other officials, including jay carney earlier this afternoon, that any moves by russia to intervene in the crisis to perhaps invade that territory of crimea would be a grave mistake, in the words of white house officials and according to secretary of state john kerry. one thing that we've been pressing officials all day long, jake, is exactly who those forces are in the crimea area. we're seeing forces with insignias that appear to be blackandover or concealed. it's not clear who is on the ground in crimea. hopefully we'll get updated information from the president as to what that is. jake, make no mistake, this is, again, once again, another confrontation between the president and vladimir putin over what is happening. those events on the g
, and this is "the five." as russia tightens its grip on the crimea region of the ukraine, the united states is weighing their options to tighten their grip on the country. john kerry is headed there tonight. russia has given a deadline of 10:00 p.m. eastern for two war ships to surrender or be seized. putin made his first public appearance today to watch military maneuvers in russia, and earlier today, president obama offered this warning. >> i think the strong condemnation that it's received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. if in fact they continue on the current trajectory they're on, we're examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. this will be a costly proposition. >> nato's counsel will hold an emergency meeting at the request of poland. it feels its security is threatened. bob, i want to go to you first. in any white house, you can be going along, you have your agenda, your state of the union and all of a sudden, something happens overseas and lands on the president's d
influence in that state >> woodruff: ukraine's new prime minister, speaking in kiev, also demanded the russians back off, while announcing the two sides are now talking. >> reporter: we are once again calling on russia to stop military aggression on the territory of ukraine. ukraine is ready to renew and moderate a new style of relations. we have begun consultations at the ministerial level between the governments of ukraine and russia. >> thank you! thank you! thank you! >> woodruff: all of this, as secretary of state john kerry arrived in kiev's foggy independence square, paying tribute to protesters who died in sniper attacks. he condemned what he called russia's act of aggression. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and, at the end of a barrel of a gun, dictate what you are trying to achieve. >> woodruff: kerry also met with ukraine's interim leaders, and announced a $1 billion economic package for the new government. meanwhile, there was more talk in the west of imposing sanctions on russia. even as moscow warned it would retaliate. foreign minister sergei lavrov spok
states and all the energy is now in ukraine. >> reporter: there could an down side for president assad, too. he relies on russian support in weapons and parts and tanks. but the sanctions against russian could hurt his war machine. >> the israeli military said it found weapons of missiles that have a range of 100 miles. israel has accused iran of supplying missiles to its enemies. >>> a trial for an al-qaeda spokesman wh, he is charged with killing americans after the september 11th attacks. john terrett is at the courthouse, the court heard opening statements today. >> reporter: the trial getting under way, he is the most senior alleged al-qaeda leader ever to be tried on u.s. soil. it began here and the prosecution right out of the gate took the jury back to september 11th. he needed help to spread his murderous decree and recruit people for al-qaeda around the world. the prosecution held up a picture of the world trade center site which is barely ten blocks away from this courthouse. chief prosecutors said, well, our buildings were burning he pointing to the defendant once again was
, the united states has essentially no cards to play in ukraine, so i wouldn't blame the president for not having sort of forged or made putin reconsider the occupation. we do not have a lot of leverage. and without the europeans who have the real interaction economically with russia, our trade is minimal to about half the worth of bill gates. unless the europeans are joining in our sanctions, it will have minimal effect. all that we can do, i think, is to reassure the nato nations who are on the border of ukraine, poland, slovakia, romania, that we are not going to allow an intrusion into nato. and i think what the president ought to be doing is reassuring them by scheduling joint military maneuvering with them and with the baltic stating saying i can't do a lot on y ukrai ukraine, but i can on nato. >> hitler, back in the '30s. all the germans by ancestry. hitler kept saying, they're not being treated right, and i must do something. that's what's raising eyebrows. she clai-- >> once you say hitler, there's so much impliemplied. once you say that, everybody thinks oh, you're talki
.s. wants ukraine to remain a unified autonomous state. >> they want to try to do everything possible to not only avoid a russianen vags but the splitup of ukraine. i think that's the last thing the u.s. wants to see. try to do that not just through its own words and diplomats but also through the european union, meetings and words coming out of nato as well. >> now, secretary kerry said everyone involved in the ukraine krahn crisis needs to avoid it. >>> a critical underground nuclear waste dump is closed this morning. investigators are trying to find the source of the radiation leak near carlsbad. they inhaled radioactive particles. air monitors a half mile away detected elevated levels. officials say it's too soon to determine the health effects. >>> coming up on the "morning news," the hunt for hackers. we'll take you inside a secret service operation to track down cyber thieves around the world. this is the "cbs morning news." hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutr
for your time. martha: as russia invades ukraine the secretary of state heads to ukraine. bill: also a dinner some folks will never forget. ♪ [ male announcer ] evenore impressive than the research this man has at his disposal is how he puts it to work for his clients. morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. co on in. [ male annncer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. bill: rain in california' causing mudslides and wild waves giving diners a dinner they will never forget. it looks like that scene from "wolf of wall street." the waves crashing the window of a restaurant in santa barbara. >> you have got high tides. huge surf and a lot of rain. and what that's creates is a lot of havoc and destruction along the coastline. martha: in southern california all that rain should have been good news. how much did these storms help? >> reporter: that's a good question. even though we did get some record rainfall the past couple days it has not been enough to get us out of the drought. what it did bring was the threat of mudslide. mud ended up crashing down hillside, fill
into a permanent state of division in ukraine. they are very concerned that unless putin is pushed back, not militarily but pushed back by economic pressure, that this will end up being putin keeping crimea, be russian speaking and russian supporting part of ukraine and ukraine will be divided. this is clearly not working the way the u.s. and allies had hoped but they are having meetings tonight in paris and tomorrow in paris and in rome. you will see sergei lavrov but doesn't seem they are backing down. >> it does seem, the ukrainian government and military, russian military out of uniform but there, are trying not to shoot at each other to be blunt. >> i think that's true. i think there were some shots fired today apparently and there are ship movements and worrying facts on the ground. so far it has not been a violent confrontation. kerry was praising ukrainian leaders for showing restraint because the provocation politically and russia could move farther into the rest of the ukraine. so he is urging them to pull themselves together into an interim government that doesn't give putin
with palestinians. >> rhetoric between the united states and russia as the crisis in ukraine grows. president have ha vladimir putin research refers to its actions as a humanitarian. >> they are violating international law. president putin has different set of lawyers making different set of interpretations but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> late today the organization for security and cooperation in europe said a military observer mission from the united states in 14 countries will visit ukraine to monitor the situation in crimea. this comes as efforts intensify. we go to mike viqueira for the latest. >> reporter: the day of claim and counter claims by some of the principle players in this face-off. this is the white house coming up with a coherent strategy with it'sality lies. >>> there is no excuse, says president obama, for what is happening. >> there iit is not based on con for russian-speaking nationals but russia exerting force on a neighboring country. >> reporter: for a second day president obama interrupted a scheduled event to address the crisis in ukraine. >> we're call forgi
nations are still trying to diffuse the standoff in ukraine. in paris, secretary of state john kerry met with the foreign ministers of ukraine and great britain before talks with russia. >> there are very clear legal obligations that are at risk in this, and we're going to talk about those here this morning. >> reporter: yesterday the secretary blasted vladimir putin's invapgs of crimea. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of a gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. >> reporter: in crimea, tensions remain high. with russian and ukrainian troops staring each other down. putin says he ordered troops into crimea to protect ethnic russian. a claim many believe is false. the russian leader may be trying to turn the temperature down, sending representatives to brussels today to meet with nato officials about the crisis, but putin called the new ukranian government illegitimate and is reserving the right to use force ignoring the u.s.' warning. >> over the course of obama's six years in office, though, i think vladimir putin has come to see barack obama
to leave ukraine. he is now in southern russia. secretary of state john kerry spoke on the phone with his russian counterpart friday and said he made it clear to the russian foreign minister not to intervene. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossing a line in any way and we are going to be very careful in making our judgments about that. >> reporter: the obama administration wants to focus on the political transition in ukraine's capital to help keep the country stable. craig boswell for cbs news, the state department. >> the white house says the president could skip an international summit in russia this summer if the crisis escalates. >>> six officers sworn to uphold the law are accused of breaking it tonight among the charges stealing drugs and money. kpix 5's linda yee was there when the officers appeared in federal court today. >> reporter: well, ken, they are accused of bullying suspects and in some cases even committing crimes with them, serious charges that, if found guilty, they could face up to 20 years in prison. they are accused of being dirty
those commitment, and i think it's time for united states and britain to act to show support for ukraine. >> how so? where is the leverage? is there any leverage for the u.s. to use here? what kind of tools do we have? >> this is one of thele cha le a challenges. my guess is there's not serious interest in the west and military action going to the world in crimea. there do seem to be a number of political groups the west could take that would be designed to publish and isolate politically the russians. for example it would make stones go to the u.n. security council and put forward a resolution condemning russia and calling for russia to stop. russia would violate that and be isolated to veto to block that. i think we got to go beyond the notion of telling the russians if they don't stop, there would be no g-8 summit in sochi. if you don't stop, we'll go back to the g-7. this is a group of industrialized democracies. russia has long not been a democracy. it's time for the other seven to stop giving russia a pass on that. and they make it as a pent for this action. >> so big picture here,
with a steady string of major developments since pro-kremlin forces moved into ukraine last week. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs in any military intervention in ukraine. >> when armed and masked gunmen appeared at the two main airports in crimea friday, the world wondered whether russia had really decided to begin an invasion of ukraine. by saturday morning, that question had largely been answered. >> this morning the occupation moved from airports and military installations into the center of the crimean capital itself. >> russian boots on the ground in ukraine. they're hiding their identities, their uniforms aren't marked. >> vladimir putin turned to a compliant russian parliament saturday to make it official. >> russia's parliament voted to approve the use of a russian force in ukraine. president putin asked for it. he got it unanimously. >> as the united nations huddled in emergency meetings over how to respond, tensions elsewhere in ukraine close to the russian border were rising. >> this was the scene this afternoon in ukr
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